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    View to Santa Cruz de La Palma

    Private Tour – The North East

    From: 130,00  Details

    Discover the North East of La Palma on a private tour. Enjoy unique landscapes, be enchanted by beautiful views over the island and get ...
    Volcanic landscape on La Palma

    Private Tour – Cumbrecita & Volcanoes

    From: 180,00  Details

    Today we discover the south and the heart of La Palma on a private tour. The Cumbrecita is one of the largest volcanic craters ...
    Taxi, La Palma

    Airport Transfer

    From: 15,00  Details

    Easy, fast and relaxed from the airport to your hotel on La Palma or from the hotel to the airport. Enjoy a comfortable and ...
    Quad-Tour, La Palma

    Individual Quad Tour

    180,00  Details

    Experience a unique, exciting and unforgettable quad tour through the landscape of La Palma. From our starting point (near the airport) you can design ...
    Beach of Los Cancajos, La Palma

    Individual Transfer

    15,00  Details

    We will take you from one point to another of La Palma. From the port, airport, your holiday destination or the start of a ...
    El Tablado, La Palma

    Private Tour – The North

    From: 220,00  Details

    The North of La Palma. We visit the Mirador de San Bartolome, the Forest of Los Tilos and the little village San Andrés. We will stop ...
    Yellow Flowers, Mountains, La Palma

    Private Tour – The Center of the Island

    From: 130,00  Details

    Experience the Center of La Palma. You will visit the beautiful viewpoint La Cumbrecita, where you enjoy fantastic insights into our nationalpark Caldera de Taburiente ...
    Mountains, Atlantic, La Palma

    Private Tour – The Roque de Los Muchachos

    From: 130,00  Details

    Climb to the highest point of the island, the Roque de los Muchachos. The ascent is fascinating in itself. At 2.426 m you can expect a ...
    Vulcano, La Palma

    Private Tour – Volcanoes

    From: 130,00  Details

    With a private tour in the south of the island. Our tour is along the coast into the south of La Palma. Here you ...
    View from the mountain Roque de Los Muchachos

    Transfer to the Top of the Island

    From: 15,00  Details

    Hiking on your own. Enjoy our transfer bus to design your hike from the Roque de Los Muchachos on your own. Before we get ...
    View to the Volcano Route on La Palma

    Transfer – Hike Volcano Route

    From: 15,00  Details

    Hiking on your own. Enjoy our transfer bus to design your hike on the volcano route on your own. The perfect tour to hike ...
    Tazacorte, La Palma

    Transfer – Puerto de Tazacorte

    From: 18,00  Details

    Hiking on your own. Enjoy our transfer bus to Puerto de Tazacorte and relax on the beach. Or you use our transfer to the ...