Things to do on La Palma & Tenerife

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    Voucher, Gift

    Gift voucher 50,00 €

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    The gettivity voucher: a gift idea that makes you happy! No nice gift idea? Does not exist - there's the gettvity coupon! Just give ...
    Cave La Palma

    Voucher – Boat Trip Bussard

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    The Voucher for our boat trip with the Bussard surely the perfect gift. Enjoy romance, nostalgia and breath-taking views along the coast of La ...
    Dolphins La Palma, Boat Trip

    Voucher – Boat Trip Flipper

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    Enjoy a beautiful boot trip on board of our Flipper. We discover the beautiful marine environment and its inhabitants in front of the island ...
    Quad Tour, La Palma, Cumbre

    Voucher – Quad Tour

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    Join us on these adventure and discover La Palma on a special and exciting way. Fun guaranteed! Book a voucher for one of our ...
    Quad-Tour, La Palma

    Individual Quad Tour

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    Experience a unique, exciting and unforgettable quad tour through the landscape of La Palma. From our starting point (near the airport) you can design ...
    Beach of Los Cancajos, La Palma

    Individual Transfer

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    We will take you from one point to another of La Palma. From the port, airport, your holiday destination or the start of a ...